Our 360 Degree & VR Cameras Provides the highest resolution in the Industry.

We invite you to look through the Absolute Digital 360 degree camera lens to keep you not only relevant, but ahead of your competition. Absolute Digital Inc, gets to the core of the video’s intent, keeping business objectives at the forefront to make sure that the finished product looks incredible, gets remembered, and produces results, with our 360 camera rental in Miami. ​

What is 360?

360 degree images and videos are a spherical panoramic image that adds the element and sensation of immersion. This technique and camera is unique because is captures a location from multiple angles and perspectives in one take. This gives the viewer a bird’s eye view to give the audience a behind the scenes or “inside the scenes” experience, as if they are in the middle of the action. Now there won’t be any more feelings of missing out. The audience can explore the scene by manipulating the image (tilt and pan). With the implementation of spherical sound, you will take your audience to have the full experience of being present at the location.

Why Absolute Digital, Inc.?

Absolute Digital Inc. has been in video production since 1993. Throughout these years we have provided video services to the legal community, entertainment industry, corporate training, weddings, and many more in Miami and South Florida. As the years have passed, we have adapted and added the latest tools and cameras to our company, to provide the highest quality video, and be current on what is happening in the industry. Our newest addition is 360˚ degree and Virtual Reality camera rental for photography and videography in Miami. With 360 video rental services in Miami we promise to deliver outstanding video coverage, but our clients will end up with so much more. When you decide to go with us for 360 degree camera rental services in Miami we are providing you with the highest resolution in the industry, certified staff, a memorable video or picture, and a fun rental experience. Our 360 cameras in Miami have 8K resolution, making for the best picture and video, making it as realistic for the audience you are immersing in the footage. Your audience is sure to be captivated when you chose us for 360 camera rental in Miami. We will be with you to deliver the best new technology in an original and creative manner.

We are at the forefront of Virtual Reality (VR) by providing 360 camera rental in Miami; we are ready to bring it to your next event. We have the best technology money can buy, which enables us to provide the best possible Virtual Reality (VR) rental experience in Miami experience for your event attendees. If you want original content that will WOW your clients, this is the rental service to chose! We will put your audience at the center of the action; grabbing their attention at every angle.

25 Years Of Experience In Legal Community

In the year 2000, we helped with the development of a Digital Court Reporting pilot program for the 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Miami-Dade County, Florida. After a successful pilot program with the Eleventh Judicial Courts, Absolute has carried out this method of reporting and continuing to grow exponentially.

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